Oh hi, Ojai

It was recently my birthday and my favorite thing to do to celebrate each passing year (beyond binge eating and drinking with friends – which also happened obviously) is get the F outta dodge.  LA is truly an amazing place to live, but among the many advantages of living here is the ease with which one can LEAVE every once in a while when the traffic, kale, and profusion of actor/barista/dog runners eating kale in traffic gets to be too much.  JK, I love kale.

Enter the simplistic beauty of the day trip.  There isn’t always enough time (or money) in our lives for a big elaborate journey; but even an afternoon getaway can help recharge the mind and refresh the spirit.  (And in my case, prolong the inevitability of the annual birthday sob session.  Does anyone else always cry on their birthday, even when you’re happy? Just me?)

ANYWAYS.  Ojai is a cozy and beautiful little agricultural town just east of Ventura and a convenient, playlist-friendly drive from LA – under two hours without traffic (which miraculously we didn’t hit at all).  It’s been on my wishlist forever; and this year I was lucky enough to be squired here by my love for a nature-viewing, smoothie-drinking, vintage-shopping, house-crushing, mountain-gazing, wine-tasting, wine-buzzed-wandering, pizza-eating day of perfection.  I loved everything this locale had to offer but I’d say the highlight was Bart’s Books: a reader’s wet dream that combines two of my favorite things – old books and the outdoors – for a magical wonderland that I could spend from now to my next birthday exploring.

Dress by Reformation. Bag by Givenchy.  Slides by ASOS.


12 thoughts on “Oh hi, Ojai

  1. Hi there, I read the book a few months ago, and you’ve made very valid points. I’m Dominican and speak Spanish fluently, so I loooved the book. I totally agree that you must either speak Spanish or understand Dominican culture to really enjoy the book. Junot Diaz is such a great writer though, I think it’s worth checking out his other books.



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