(Palm) Spring Break


There’s nothing like a Palm Springs roadtrip to cure the winter blues…especially when LA temperatures drop dangerously low (mid SIXTIES in some places…the humanity).

PS is an uber popular getaway destination for many SoCal residents, hailed for its convenience (a breezy 2-hour drive from LA), weather (except during summer, when you’d be better off hitting the sauna), and generally chill vibes (ie retirement community neighbors and copious gay bars).  I’ve been doing this roadtrip for years under the guise of various occasions – bachelorettes, rehab Coachella, romantic weekends, weddings, birthdays, etc – and can enthusiastically assure it has tons to offer, whatever your fancy.

To accompany this lonley-ish blue photo story I’ve compiled a few of my favorite spots in PS and the surrounding areas, gleaned from my pilgrimages over the years.  Upon review I’m realizing that most of my best memories revolve around snacks and/or booze.  Take that as you will and enjoy!

Sparrows. The most amazing little boutique hotel paradise.  The fabulous staff will bring you unsolicited ice cream in the hot tub.  IN THE HOT TUB!  Just like at home.

Cheeky’s.  The line on weekends can suck but their delicious bloodies and cheesy biscuits are worth the wait.

Bootlegger Tiki.  Glorious in all the ways a kitschy, divey, pineappley PS establishment should be.

Integratron.  Get yo existential buzz on (and meditate through your Tiki-induced nausea) during one of their legendary Sound Baths.

Pappy & Harriet’s. Get a real buzz after your Integratron trip.  Great live music every night and killer nachos.  Also, the scenic 2-mile stretch into Pioneertown feels like an awesome drive into the past.

Cabazon Dinosaurs.  Situated right off the freeway, it’s an obvious must-stop for the requisite hungover touristy photo op on the way home.

Hadley’s. Pop in after your dinosaur photoshoot to stock up on essential snacks for the drive.  By the end of a Palm Springs trip, I generally prefer a date shake enjoyed in the air-conditioned comfort of the car over marathon Cabazon outlet shopping.  Any. Day.

Top from Cotton On.  Shorts by Lovers & Friends.  Balenciaga gladiators.



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