LACMAnia & Free Museum Days

IMG_8318Did you know that in Los Angeles, many museums have special days or times where they offer free admission?  Yeah, I didn’t either, until we ventured to LACMA last week on President’s Day and were pleasantly surprised at the ticket window (thanks, Target)!  LA legit never ceases to impress me with its amazing variety of drinks food, art, fashion, music, & general merriment for folks of all tastes and budgets.  Love this city, especially when it’s free.

So, LACMA – who’s been to the Turrell exhibit?  Like fine upstanding citizens, we obeyed the rules and eschewed photography to really immerse in the experience, and wow.  What a trip.  Anyways, hope you enjoy my documentation from all the acceptable, photographable highlights.

After our lovely afternoon of gratis culture, I got to wondering where else I might be able to capitalize on my cheapness benefit from free museum entry.  So, I did some research and a huge thing I learned is that a LOT of museums are free, like, all the time.  And almost all the other ones have really accessible options too.  I’m so glad I’ve lived in LA for over a decade and am just learning this now.  I have some major catching up to do.

I listed my findings here so we can all benefit.  Did I miss anything?  If so, leave me a comment and let me know!

California Science Center
General Admission is always free!

The Getty Center & Getty Villa
Admission is always free!  But parking is $15, bleh

Hammer Museum
Admission is always free

The Huntington Library
The first Thursday of every month

Federal holidays + every Monday-Friday after 3pm for L.A. County residents

Every Thursday between 5 – 8pm

Museum of the Holocaust
Admission is always free!

Museum of Natural History
Every second Tuesday (except July & August) + EVERY Tuesday in September

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