HOW TO // Make Cold Brew Coffee

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Trying something new on the ole’ site this week – video! I love web videos so thought I’d try my hand at some content of my own, with the help of some badass friends.

In this vid I’ll walk you through the steps to making cold brew coffee.  Ah, cold brew…that smooth, rich, refreshing delight that blows your boring iced coffee out of the water.  Coffee that is cold-brewed has a lower acidity than coffee brewed with hot water, plus the taste is incredibly robust/awesome.  Ever wonder how your local café makes it so delicious? The trick is in the timing – and it honestly couldn’t be EASIER to do at home.  Here I’ll show you how to make the perfect cold brew in just 5 steps – mix it up, grab a book, and let the clock work its wonders.

It would mean the world to me if you clicked “play” and gave it a little watch.

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee:

Step 1 // Measure 8 cups filtered, room temperature water in a large Mason jar.

Step 2 // Add 1.5 cups ground coffee of your choice.

Step 3 // Mix well and seal the jar.

Step 4 // Set aside for at least ~12 hours.

Step 5 // Separate the grounds from the liquid (I use a French press).  Add ice and whatever accoutrements you prefer, and ENJOY!

I said it was easy, right?  Note, the above ratio packs a punch.  I don’t drink coffee very often but when I do, I like it STRONG.  The ice and creamer will dilute it a fair amount but if you prefer, you can add water to taste.

Thanks for watching!  Would you like to see more videos from me in the future?

4 thoughts on “HOW TO // Make Cold Brew Coffee

  1. Good cold-brewed coffee is such a pleasant luxury in the summer! Thank you so much for posting this! I’ve been following your book review site for some time now and truly enjoy it. I’ve included a link to your site on my book review blog: (Inklings of a Bookworm).

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