(Somewhere Over the) RAINBOW SHELF

Just bought a great new bookshelf and made a little weekend project out of organizing it.  Here’s a section in progress – recognize any of your favorite titles?

And real talk to my book blogging homies – guys, how do you organize your shelves?  Is it by color, author, genre, series…? This rainbow theme make me SO HAPPY but I had to split some of the series up, which gives me anxiety…what if they miss each other??

Hope you’re all having an awesome week xx

Photo from my Instagram.  Let’s be insta-friends!

15 thoughts on “(Somewhere Over the) RAINBOW SHELF

  1. Maybe do a rainbow and have a separate shelf for series? hahahaha. I dunno, the series broken up is giving me anxiety too. 😛 HAHAHA. But man, the colors together just makes perfect sense and is so so so good in the eyes!

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  2. I love your shelves! So pretty! I change my shelves pretty often, especially when I do a huge book haul, I have to rearrange to fit all the books. Right now, I’m also doing the rainbow shelves. Aesthetically, it’s beautiful and visually appealing. I’ve had it for a couple of weeks now but lately it’s driving me crazy, trying to find books — especially books that I don’t know the color of. I have over 350 books so it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack haha. Splitting up the series also gave me anxiety haha. I usually organize my books by favorites within the genre.

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  3. I don’t have a bookshelf anymore (thanks or no thanks to Kindle), but I have a book drawer where all my owned ones are just piled in. When I did have one though, it was always by series and in order of how much love I was feeling towards them at that point of time. 🙂

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  4. I try to sort-of arrange them by genre, very loosely. I have one bookshelf for cookbooks, one bookshelf for French-language books, one bookshelf for TBR, and my three other shelves are organized to keep authors’ works together and my favorites/the pretty ones go towards the top. I would like to do rainbow shelves (yours look so pretty!) but I don’t want to separate authors’ works from each other! Maybe I should reorganize them again… 🙂

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