Oh heyyyyy!  I’m writing to you from aboard the Amtrak Surfliner train from LA to San Diego.  Sorry for my slowness in posts of late; I attribute it to a cray work life plus an excess of weekend adventures – gathering plenty of fun content I’ll share soon.

Speaking of adventures, remind me why I ever drive anywhere?  I visit SD fairly frequently, but this is my first time riding the Surfliner.  It’s as nice as any European train I’ve ridden, PLUS they serve Stone IPA in the cafe car👌🏻.  And at $37 each way it might not make sense for a big crew, but it’s more than reasonable for rolling solo (as I currently am).  Round trip would be just a touch above a tank of gas but with the added advantages of cruising free wifi, reading a book (obviously), & enjoying a cold beer.  Solo adventure win.

If public transportation were easier in LA, I would take the train way more.  Do you take the train to get around where you live? I would love to know!

One thought on “SURF(Liner)IN’ USA

  1. Where I live is too small for large mass transit. When I stayed in Europe two summers, I reveled in the metro… just loved it! Very convenient, always on time (especially in Germany! They can take off even when they see you running… although I’ve had some kind conductors. In Prague, there were metro stations all over, so it was as convenient as ever. I just don’t see why every decent-sized city in the U.S. still relies on cars so heavily.

    You look so content in that photo! 🙂

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